Installing Apple CarPlay

This guides is only intended for our own Android screens & accessories.
If you follow this guide for anything not supplied by us, you do so at your own risk.
We accept no liability and/or responsibility for any damage or otherwise that may be caused to your vehicle/belongings/possessions.

This is only suitable for:

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay adapter



  • Connect the Android unit to a WiFi network
  • Download the app from here
  • Wait until the app installs, and you see the icon visible in the installed app list
  • Ensure Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled on your iPhone
  • Plug the wireless Apple CarPlay adapter either 1 of the 2 USB's coming from the Android screen
  • Using a genuine Apple Lightning cable, one side into the wireless CarPlay adapter, and the other side into the iPhone
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on the iPhone, look for 'AutoKit' and connect/pair to it using the PIN code 0000
  • Check on the AutoKit app (on the Android screen), that both Bluetooth and Wifi icons are lit up showing connectivity
  • Click on the prompt to connect to CarPlay
  • You can optionally disconnect the Apple Lightning and connect wirelessly to the adapter as long as both Bluetooth and WiFi icons are lit up showing connectivity