Retrofit - Adding cruise control to an E84 X1

Hardware needed

  • Compatible SZL module/slipring (cruise control with braking)
  • Compatible stalks (cruise control, indicators, wipers)
  • Cruise control with braking KOMBI module/high cluster



  • Remove airbag
  • Remove steering wheel
  • Remove SZL
  • Virginise KOMBI high
  • Install new SZL
  • Reinstall steering wheel
  • Reinstall airbag
  • Install new KOMBI high



  • Add $544 to your vehicle order
  • FA write your update vehicle order to both your CAS and NFRM
  • VO code your DSC and KOMBI high


Following the above, wait until Terminal 30g has turned off, clear any fault codes, and you've now got cruise control with braking function!


Disclaimer: This information is supplied for educational purposes only, and may or may not work on your vehicle. All actions undertaken by yourself is at your own risk. By using this guide your are accepting liability for your own actions.