Design Your Own


How long does it take, where are you & when can I do it?

If we've got your headlights in stock, we'll be able to pre build up your lights and have your lights fitted on an exchange basis. Our installation process takes about 4 hours to do, and that'll include diagnostics & coding (if specified/needed). If we don't have your headlights in stock, we'll require the headlights (either originally fitted or an additional second hand set) or car for a minimum of 10 days while we carry out our build. Check headlights in stock here.

We're based at B69 3BH.

For our availability, please refer to the calendar on the product page - you can find the link for it below. We're usually booked up for 2 months in advance, but times can vary depending on the time of year.

What are shrouds, and what are surrounds?

Shrouds we typically refer to as anything in the headlight that are chrome plastic that cover the projectors or are used for cosmetics.

Surrounds are usually a dark grey matt finished piece of plastic that is extremely close to the entire front face of the plastic lens of the headlight. This includes the indicator housing when selecting a painted colour combination.

What is a demon eye?

A demon eye is a number of LEDs backlighting the projector (either OEM fitted or our own supplied & fitted) to give it a different colour and highlight the custom etching (if selected). One set of demon eyes covers 1 demon eye within each headlight. These are not road legal and for show use only. Two sets (quad demons) cover 4 projectors on the car like this:

Have I got reflectors or projectors?

Reflectors are only used with halogen bulbs (yellow dim incandescent lights). From the front, it looks like a chrome bowl that the bulb sits in the centre of. The beam pattern (light cast in front of you) is blurry, fairly short, and kicks up to a 45 degree angle on the left hand hand side. An example of a reflector housing is pictured.

Projectors are used with either halogen, xenon, or bi-xenon. From the front, it looks like a little glass ball inside of a plastic chrome housing. The beam pattern is sharp, long range, and has two horizontal lines with a small step connecting both lines. A projector is shown a couple of pictures up.

Can I get custom paintwork within the headlights?

Of course! Whether it's specifically painted parts (like fins or an eyebrow), or a specific paint code you're after to colour match the headlights, we can do it all. We can either do it in house, or send off to our approved bodyshop that specialises in headlight internals, and custom work.

How about patterns/logos/text on the projectors?

We have access to a laser etcher, and sandblaster - we can apply any pattern, design, text, or logo to our projectors. You'll need to supply the design in the correct format, or we can additionally design the logo up via our in house designers.

What are these laser engraved brackets?

The majority of our custom headlights have the angel eyes held in place by brackets that we have CAD designed in house, and then have manufactured. Due to our relationship with our manufacturer, we can have low run brackets created with custom engraving.

I want to do something custom that isn't listed, can you do it?

More than likely yes. Due to the contacts we have in the manufacturing industry, we'll be able to design, stress test, create, prototype, and showcase off your ideas & visions.