We don't to the general public yet, but will be offering it out later this year

We now offer our Headlight LED Conversions without coming directly to our premises to get it fitted! By using one of our approved dealers, you'll still have our end to end warranty, including product, service, workmanship, and fitting.


  • Order your Headlight LED Conversion as normal via the website
  • Select your local dealer from the 'Fitting' drop down menu
  • Continue & complete your order
  • We then require the following from you in order to gauge the condition of your current headlights (due to the Headlight LED Conversion being on exchange)
    • Pictures of your current headlights - please refer to the image below for picture positions. The headlight will need to fill most of the picture, and be in focus
    • Condition of the top lugs, and confirmation that they are not snapped, damaged, broken, or missing retaining clips
    • Condition of the headlights, including confirmation of any chips, scratches, scuffs, or blemishes
    • Any other details that may be helpful in showing or describing any issues or defects with your headlights
  • We expect the headlights conditions (being returned on exchange) to be between good and excellent overall condition, with no chips, scratches, scuffs, or blemishes to the front lacquer layer
  • The more honest you are with the condition of your headlights, the more we will be able to mitigate the problems - for example, if your headlight lenses are cracked and you don't inform us of this, there will be a £135 (example) excess charge to replace the lenses on the exchange units. However, if you inform of this before we start the Headlight LED Conversion, we have the option to fit brand new lenses to your headlights at a cost of £135 (example)
  • If there is damage to the casing or top mounting lugs, we will be unable to complete the Headlight LED Conversion, and will have to cancel your booking with our headlights & carry out the conversion on your existing headlights. Additional fees may be due depending on what the following procedure is