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These are generic instructions for the whole E9x platform - things might be slightly different depending on the model/chassis you have. If you need any additional details then feel free to contact us.

Notes: Xenon headlights must have new bulbs, either supplied by you or us to ensure the lights successfully pass our water & pressure tests

Checking The Parcel On Arrival

  • Check the physical condition of the box(es) - they should show no signs of damage or impact. We always send out headlights in new undamaged box(es). If there's any sign of impact, rips, tears or deformities in the box, then please mark the delivery as 'damaged', show the delivery driver and inform us as soon as you can
  • Cut/slice the packing tape/fragile tape at the points marked in red
  • Open the box by removing the securing cardboard tab in blue
  • Remove the bubble wrap from the headlights, and the blue tape from the lenses
  • Ensure that the headlight has sustained no damage during transit to the casing or lenses

Removing Headlights From The Car

  • Remove the headlight washer jet caps (if fitted)
  • Remove bumper
  • Remove headlight
  • Remove bracket

Transferring Over Headlight Components

We'll advise if anything needs to be swapped over

Testing The Headlights On The Car

Once everything has been swapped over, check the following functions on the vehicle before refitting anything:

  • DRL
  • Sidelights
  • Low beam
  • High beam (with low beams off)
  • High beam (with low beams on)
  • Indicators (both sides)


If there's a plastic ziplock bag that came with the headlights, and put 2 silica bags into each headlight. Check that the cap(s) removed have been reseated and sealed to the headlight correctly.

Installing The Headlights Into The Car

Install is reverse of disassembly

Returning Your Old Headlights

Please reuse the box(es) and same packing material to return your exchange headlights. Ensure that the lights are wrapped up in the same way, and placed in the box with the packing peanuts in the same way as you received the headlights to avoid damage in transit on the return route.

Once the box(es) have been packed up securely, please let us know and we'll book DHL to collect from the address you provide.

When we receive the headlights back, we'll ensure that everything is as it should be and process the deposit refund. If there's any issues which would mean you'll receive less deposit than you paid, we'll always discuss it with you first!