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Two Year KYCS Workmanship Warranty.

Custom Headlights - KYCS Range - Design Your Own

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1 year product warranty

2 year workmanship warranty


Main Service

On certain models, the shown option(s) may not be available (due to headlight design constraints), and an alternative design will be offered.

Bumper fitment will as it came in as long as all the bolts, nuts, screws, and brackets are correct, undamaged and not subjected to rust or corrosion - as well as the vehicle not being involved in a collision or accident within its lifetime. If this is not the case, we will fit align the bumper as best as we are able to, and excess fitting & parts charges may apply if extra time is needed to perform the refit. New parts (if needed) are genuine, and are priced at the retail price. Once a vehicle has left our premises, we can no longer guarantee the bumper fitment or alignment - any issues must be raised on the fitment day.

If there any issues post conversion, issues must be verified by pictures. Once an issue has been verified, we will assess the priority of it and rebook accordingly. Any issues regarding fogging we will not entertain as fogging is permissible by OEM guidelines, however condensation within the headlights we will cover.

Keep Your Car Safe - KYCS LTD owns all photographic media taken by team members of the services paid for (and subsequently completed).

Warranty is immediately voided if the vehicle has been in an accident or collision post conversion, or if there has been third party intervention on the items processed within the service provided.