E90 Pre LCI, E91 Pre LCI (Halogen) - BavGruppe Design Vision Angel Eyes

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This is for a set of our custom headlights for the BMW 3 series E90 pre LCI & E91 pre LCI with halogen headlights only.

These custom headlights are either on exchange with our stock units, or your own supplied headlights.


1 year no quibble warranty on all our workmanship.

1 year warranty on both KYCS & BavGruppe Design parts.


Certain design configurations may not be possible on your headlights. If this is the case, we will inform you and offer an alternative design.

When fitting is opted for, bumper fitment will be as it left the dealer as long as all the bolts, screws, clips and clamps (fixings) are present and correct when the vehicles arrives. If you are missing or have any damaged fixings, a dealer finish cannot be guaranteed. Once a vehicle has left our premises, we cannot guarantee the bumper fitment or alignment - any issues must be raised on vehicle handover. Excess fitting/parts charges may be applicable for non factory fit vehicles, specifically on vehicles that have either; been involved in an accident, have had a previous poor bumper fit, have incorrect fixings present or incorrectly/poor fitting of aftermarket parts. We can additionally supply and fit brand new OEM fixings if in stock, or if advised beforehand. Work undertaken & vehicles left on premises at the owners risk. Wheels must be rechecked and retorqued 50 miles after fitting (as they are removed during the fit). Locking wheel nuts must be supplied on the day for the fitting to be carried out. Any snapped wheel bolts due to bolts being previously over-tightened is on the onus of the owner to repair/remove/refit. Your fitting date may be moved due to the following reason(s): Act of God, weather, staff resource issues. If we are unable to fulfil your booking date, you will be given at least 1 weeks notice and rebooked for our first opportunity. We may discount or supply a free upgrade for your headlight specification in return for moving your booking at short notice. We are not liable or responsible for any fees. charges or losses you may experience if your fitting date is moved.  

If there are any issues post conversion, issues must be verified with either pictures or videos by us. Once an issue has been verified, we will have you return to our premises to rectify within one calendar month. We only cover issues of condensation, and not fogging/misting within the headlights - since fogging/misting is permissible as per OEM guidelines.

We own all media taken by team members of the vehicle in for the service(s) completed.

If the headlights have sustained damaged from an accident post conversion, the warranty will be voided unless inspected and repaired (if necessary) by us. Any tampering, disassembly, or reverse engineering of our products or services will also void all warranty.


Due to the nature and speciality of these products & services, we do not accept returns, but will exchange any defective items as per our warranty.

We do not offer a refund on any of our services that we carry out, since each service we do is unique and bespoke to your specification and request. The cost of the service is a combination of our time spent along with our products/stock that have been modified irreversibility for your request.  


If you've paid in full for your service in full prior to your booking, and want to cancel, there's a 25% cancellation charge which is due. This covers a portion of the time spent along with a portion of the costs of the products irreversibility modified to suit your required specification. The remainder of your payment will be refunded within 3-5 working days.


If you book a service(s) with us, and you opt to pay on the day, a non-refundable deposit is due on checkout.

The deposit will be 25% of your total balance due of the service(s), not including any additional related products.

If you're unable to make your appointment, we can re-arrange it for you, but will require a minimum of 7 full days from your appointment date in order to do this & we will only be able to move your booking slot a maximum of one calendar month from your original booking appointment. We will only reschedule your appointment 3 times (your initial booking date, and two additional) before cancelling your service and retaining the deposit in order to cover our time & costs associated with your service & booking.

If you miss your appointment without making any contact with us, your service will be cancelled at the end of your scheduled appointment, and your deposit will be retained in order to cover our time & costs associated with your missed service.


By ordering any of our products and/or services, you understand and accept the above.