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Front & Rear DashCam Hardwire Installations.
Loom Modification & Replacement.
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Electrical Work

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What faults can you find and fix?

We can find and fix any wiring fault within vehicles, from data lines (CANBus/Fibre Optic), to main power cabling from the battery. We only fix damaged looms with approved dealer techniques, and if they're too damaged to be repaired then we replace them with OEM cabling.

How do you wire in the dashcams?

We have two ways of wiring in dashcams. If they're OEM, then we follow the dealer procedure and use the kit to wire directly into the specific modules required for constant and switched power. If they're aftermarket, then we recommend using a recognised hardwire kit which we'll directly wire into the fuseboard (separate in-line fuse), for a switched power source. Alternatively, we can wire it in for a constant power source, but recommend that your dashcam has a motion detection feature, or a specialised parking mode to ensure your battery doesn't get drained overnight.

For actually installing the dashcam, we have a selection of high adhesion tapes at hand to permanently mount the dashcam. If you'd prefer having a removable mount, we can suggest a place to attach the dashcam via suction cup that's recommended by all main vehicle manufacturers. We also remove all the pillar trims to attach the wiring to the OEM wiring loom and to ensure that it doesn't affect any curtain airbag operation.


Carries a two year warranty from purchase date on all workmanship

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Carries a two year warranty on all workmanship, and is carried out with OEM parts, wiring looms, plugs, pins. Process followed will be original BMW instructions where applicable. Keep Your Car Safe - KYCS owns all photographic media taken by team members of the services paid for and completed.