Headlight Lens Replacement

Headlight Lens Replacement

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Gone are the days where you had to buy a brand new or second hand headlight if you had some damage/wear to your plastic front lens cover, or have snapped mounting point tabs!

We offer a headlight lens replacement service, where we will:

  • Open up your headlights in an OEM, non destructive procedure
  • Remove all of the old sealant
  • Lay brand new sealant within the headlight channels
  • Seal the headlight with a brand new lens (either self supplied, or supplied by us)
  • Pressure test the headlight
  • Water test the headlight


The price above is for the labour only for one headlight lens removal and refit, and doesn't cover any additional services/products below.

We can additionally (pricing on evaluation of the headlight in person):

  • Chemically clean the headlight (to remove any dirt/debris from within the headlight)
  • Remove light water marks from any chrome items
  • Supply and fit OEM repair kits for any broken mounting points
  • Plastic weld any light casing damage

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