Mitsubishi Evo 7/8/9 - Headlight Lens (Pre-Order Deposit)

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This is a pre-order for a pair of headlight lenses for the following vehicles;

  • Mitsubishi Evolution 7
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 8
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 9

The headlight lenses will be based on an original set of US headlight lenses manufactured using the same materials & processes as OEM.

This will be a one-off run of 20 pairs.  

The pre-order will be open until all 20 pairs are allocated or the end of the year - whichever comes first. If 20 pairs are not allocated, clients will be offered a revised price based on the current number of headlight lenses allocated, or the pre-order deposits will be refunded. 

A pair's cost will be £425 for the pair, exclusive of shipping and local tax/duties.

10% deposit to secure your set of lenses, which is only refundable if the pre-order isn't completely sold out.