Preowned Custom Headlights - E9x M3, E92/E93 Pre LCI (Big Raj)

Preowned Custom Headlights - E9x M3, E92/E93 Pre LCI (Big Raj)

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Want a set of our custom headlights, without the wait, and at a price that you can't refuse?

We got you!

We're selling a set of our used custom headlights on behalf of one of our loyal clients (who's upgrading to one of our new designs), and requires a set of RHD OEM fully functional non adaptive bi-xenon headlights for E9x M3, E92/E93 pre LCI in exchange for these loaded headlights.

Lets move onto the reason why you're here - the spec on purchase!

  • KYCS Fxx angel eyes in switchback
  • Classic blackout paintwork
  • Red demon eyes with external power (currently running from the fog lights)
  • New OEM headlight lenses with PPF applied
  • LED 80W indicators

These can either be purchased through the website in order to secure them now, or we can put you in touch directly with our client to pay directly (you can contact us at

Please note that this is for a used set of headlights from a third party, and so we are not offering any warranty with this. We do not hold this set of headlights in stock, and you will need to make arrangements with the third party in order to collect these headlights which we can assist with. This price is for exchange only, and not a pure sale of the headlights. This does not include fitting or shipping, but we can additionally fit/swap headlights or assist with shipping on request.

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