Remote Coding & Diagnostics

Remote Coding & Diagnostics

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Required items before your remote session

✅ Windows OS based laptop

✅ K Line/D-CAN USB cable (for diagnostics on all cars, and coding on E chassis vehicles)

✅ E-NET cable (for coding F chassis vehicles)

✅ Battery stabiliser (not a trickle charger/battery reconditioner)

✅ ISTA+ (for all diagnostics)

✅ BMW Standard Tools (for coding E chassis vehicles)

✅ eSys (for coding F chassis vehicles)

✅ An idea of the fault that you would like investigating (for diagnostics)

✅ A list of coding options (for coding)

Laptop minimum specification & applications

✅ Reliable & consistent internet connection (12MBits down/2MBits up)

✅ Windows 10 v1903 with an admin user account (the name must not contains any spaces)

✅ 2 core processor (2.1GHz), or 4 core processor (1.8GHz), or 8 core processor (1.5GHz)


✅ 32GB free space (for when you install E chassis coding software)

✅ 128GB free space (for when you install diagnostics software)

✅ 256GB free space (for when you install F chassis coding software)

✅ 1400x900 display resolution

✅ USB 2.0 port

✅ Fast ethernet port (for F chassis coding), or USB 2.0 to ethernet dongle

✅ Microsoft .NET framework 4.8.x

✅ Visual C++ runtime 2015-2019

✅ Google Chrome

✅ Teamviewer

Important information

If we are coding in used modules for you, it is your responsibility to ensure that the module(s) are the correct hardware and compatible with your vehicle.

Please ensure that you are fully set up (all required items are connected and functional) before your remote session to make sure that we make the most out of your allotted time.