Retrofits Carried Out Using Only OEM Harnesses From Dealer.
Installed Using Dealer Documentation.
Coded & Programmed By Dealer Equipment.
Two Year Warranty Covered By KYCS & Dealer.


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What is a retrofit, & why would I want to do it?

A retrofit is fitting your vehicle with an option (or options) that the could of been fitted when your vehicle was made at the factory, but wasn't selected by the initial person that ordered the car from new. Since most peoples budgets when buying a new car isn't unlimited, only the options that make fiscal sense are selected and installed into the vehicle on top of the base options that come as standard with the vehicle.

If you've picked up a used car but have had to compromise on the car having some options you wanted, you can retrofit in the options that suit you!

What can you retrofit?

If it was an option at the time the car was made, we'll be able to retrofit it! Of course, some options are most cost effective than others due to new wiring harnesses and other work that needs to be done.

Here's a list of the most common retrofits that we offer;

  • Alpine audio upgrade
  • Logic 7 audio upgrade
  • Electric memory sport seats
  • Electric folding auto dimming exterior mirrors
  • CCC to CIC iDrive
  • CCC/CIC to NBT
  • CIC business to CIC Professional
  • Hybrid TV tuner
  • Xenon headlights/adaptive xenons
  • LCI light conversion (front/rear)
  • High beam assist
  • Extended bluetooth
  • Combox
  • Cruise control/cruise control with braking function
  • PDC
  • Heated seats
  • Steering wheel with paddle shift
  • Electric memory seats
  • Heated seats
  • Black panel display (6WA)
  • Multifunction display (6WB)
  • Professional navigation upgrade
  • Enhanced bluetooth
  • Sports transmission
  • Steering wheel with paddle shift
  • Xenon headlights/adaptive xenons
  • LED headlights
  • LCI light conversion (front/rear)

What do I need & how long will it take?

You'll need all the physical parts to the retrofit - if you don't know what you need, feel free to have a chat with us and we can advise you on what's needed. The time we need depends on the retrofit, but in most cases we're able to carry out the retrofit within a day.


Carries a two year warranty from purchase date on all workmanship

Terms & Conditions

Module services terms & conditions apply. All the physical parts of the retrofit will need to be supplied on the install date. We can supply all genuine BMW wiring pins, plugs, looms, harnesses, zip ties and cloth tape for additional cost if not supplied by yourself. Prices stated are a minimum, and may change due to the car configuration or if any other work has been undertaken beforehand. All prices will be confirmed on the day once your vehicle has been read to confirm ECU tree structure and wiring harnesses within the vehicle. Keep Your Car Safe - KYCS owns all photographic media taken by team members of the services paid for and completed.

Associated Service - Dealer Diagnostic

Performed under the assumption that all modules coded are either factory installed & programmed, or replacements are correctly programmed, coded, and initialised using the replacement procedure performed by BMW UK registered franchises or BMW specialists. We will not be held liable for any coding/module faults/errors that arise during diagnostics, either due to assumptions from above, or for any other factors (but will assist in the the repair). Battery voltage is stabilised at a minimum of 13.7V using a dealer approved power processor. Diagnostics is supplied as-is, on a one-time basis. Keep Your Car Safe - KYCS owns all photographic media taken by team members of the services paid for and completed.