SMD Colour Change - Ambient Lighting

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A subtle orange glow - love it or hate it, it's always been the trademark when driving at night.

However, in newer vehicles, the appearance of the interior has finally started changing with the times - dual coloured clusters, multi-coloured interior ambient lighting, dual colour spotlight lighting... Which is amazing news for all of those with the newer vehicles - but what about those without?

With the SMD Colour Change - Ambient Lighting, we can change the colour of your ambient lighting, and customise it how you want!

What comes with the SMD Colour Change - AMBIENT LIGHTING?

The original factory fitted ambient lighting changed from orange to a colour of your choosing selected from above. This is for all 4 door cards, and the vehicle must be equipped with ambient lighting from factory.

If you want something that we haven't mentioned, feel free to get in touch - we'll be more than happy to have a chat!


Carries a two year warranty from purchase date on workmanship, and a one year warranty on replaced/upgraded parts.

Warranty does not cover failure of any other components removed & refitted during the conversion, whether it be from wear & tear, catastrophic failure, or otherwise.

Terms & Conditions

Main Service

All items undergoing SMD Colour Change - Ambient Lighting must be in full working order with no moisture damage for us to carry out the conversion successfully. We stock all SMDs for common models, but in certain circumstances we may not have the stock or colour choice for specific items. If this is the case, either an alternative fitting date will be offered for affected parts, or an alternative colour will be offered.

Keep Your Car Safe - KYCS owns all photographic media taken by team members of the services paid for and completed.  

If your appointment date is missed without giving any prior notice we are unable to reschedule it, and no refunds will be made for this service. This is due to a number of parts and clusters being prepared for your individual conversion which is non-reversible, and done to your specification and vehicle.