SMD Colour Change

Custom Cluster Back Light & Needles.
Full Interior Colour Change.
OEM Ambient Lighting Colour Change.
Have Your Interior Lighting As Original As You Are.

SMD Colour Change - Complete Vehicle

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What is a SMD Colour Change?

An orange interior - love it or hate it, it's always been the trademark when driving at night.

However, in newer vehicles, the appearance of the interior has finally started changing with the times - dual coloured clusters, multi-coloured interior ambient lighting, dual colour spotlight lighting... Which is amazing news for all of those with the newer vehicles - but what about those without?

With the SMD Colour Change, we can change the colour your full interior & cluster plus customise it how you want!

What Comes with the SMD Colour Change - Complete Vehicle?

To complement the cluster that comes as part of the 'SMD Colour Change - Complete Vehicle', we also change over the following items (depending on your spec):

  • Headlight switch
  • Steering wheel controls (multifunction)
  • Start/stop button
  • Central locking button/hazard lights
  • iDrive/radio unit
  • Digital heater control panel
  • Convertible switch
  • Automatic transmission gear selector
  • iDrive controller
  • Drivers side window/mirror switch pack
  • Passenger side window switch pack
  • Rear window switch pack
  • Any additional buttons (heated seats, rear blind, automatic start/stop, etc)


In a nutshell, if it clicks and it's orange, we'll be able to change it!

We currently offer the following colours for the cabin colours (switch):

  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red


We currently offer the following colours for the displays within the cabin (climate control panel, radio etc)

  • Orange (OEM)
  • Blue with white text


Carries a two year warranty from purchase date on all replaced parts & workmanship. Warranty does not cover failure of any other components within the cluster, whether it be from wear & tear, catastrophic failure, or otherwise.

Terms & Conditions

Main Service
All items undergoing SMD Colour Change must be in full working order with no moisture damage for us to carry out the conversion successfully. We stock all SMDs for common models, but in certain circumstances we may not have the stock or colour choice for specific items. If this is the case, either an alternative fitting date will be offered for affected parts, or an alternative colour will be offered. In a small number of cases, certain parts do not have SMDs that we can safely change. In this case, we will not be able to change the colour and unable to offer any alternatives. Keep Your Car Safe - KYCS owns all photographic media taken by team members of the services paid for and completed.