Adding cruise control into E84 X1

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Retrofitting cruise control into a BMW E84 X1 





    • Required - Compatible SZL module/slipring (cruise control with braking) complete with stalks
    • Optional - KOMBI module/high cluster equipped with cruise control with braking


    Installation Process - SZL

    • Remove airbag
    • Remove steering wheel
    • Remove SZL
    • Install new SZL
    • Reinstall steering wheel
    • Reinstall airbag


    Installation Process - KOMBI

    • Virginise KOMBI high
    • Install new KOMBI high



    • Add $544 to your vehicle order
    • FA write your update vehicle order to both your CAS and NFRM
    • VO code your DSC
    • VO code your KOMBI (if KOMBI high is fitted)



    Cruise control with work with just the SZL installed. Cruise control will only be displayed on the KOMBI high, and on no other KOMBI variant. Virginising the KOMBI is required for two things; to have the correct VIN number and to remove the tamper dot, and to have the correct mileage showing. Virginising is a specialist procedure which requires an EEPROM reader/writer.

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