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Android Screens

Gain additional features from your iDrive by replacing your standard iDrive screen with one of our Android screens. Completely plug and play, and independent from your iDrive so you don't lose any of the OEM functions.

Choose the specification of your Android screen with Android 9 or Android 10, PX6 or SnapDragon processors, 32GB or 64GB onboard memory, HD displays, and 4G/LTE support.

Compliment your new Android screen with options such as; reversing camera, integrated front dashcam, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


We offer a number of services for all BMW headlights;

- Customise your OEM BMW headlights as you want from our selection of upgrades (angel eyes, bi-LED/bi-xenon projectors, custom paintwork, carbon fibre, LED units, projector lenses & new front plastic lenses covers)

- Exchange your OEM BMW headlights with our prebuilt headlights which are built from our most popular combinations

- If your OEM BMW headlights need their front plastic lenses covers changing due to age or an accident, we can change them and additionally supply the new lenses

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