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BMW Specialist & Lighting Professionals

Established 2012 - based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Authorised BMW Independent Specialist with extensive experience in auto electrical, diagnostics, coding, programming, and module repairs.

The UK's largest BMW based lighting professionals covering; custom headlights, lens replacement on damaged headlights, new headlights, refurbishing and repairing headlights, tail lights, LED bulbs, and supplying headlight DIY components if you're planning to modify or repair your own headlights.

Lighting conversions for IVA inspections including beam pattern conversions (RHD/LHD switch), along with headlight and tail light conversions to UK specification required for imported vehicles.

  • UK Legal

    Our headlights conversions have been signed off by the DVSA for MOT compliance

  • Global Shipping

    Securely packaged and shipped via DHL Express fully insured

  • Hand Crafted

    All of our products are hand built & maintain our high quality that we're known for

  • 1 Year Warranty

    Covering both workmanship & products on anything bought from us

Our Popular Products & Services

  • Custom Headlights

    Upgrade from your standard boring headlights to our custom builds which you can spec exactly how you'd like. We have 3D scanning, CAD, and rapid prototyping facilities to ensure that no matter how big or small your request, we can meet your specification.

    View Our Custom Headlight Range 
  • Headlight Lens Replacement

    If your headlight lens is cracked or damaged, you don't need to buy a new headlight. We're able to supply and change lenses for new ones, and transplant lenses between headlights. One year warranty as standard on our workmanship.

  • Headlight Repair

    No matter if you've got a Ferrari or Fiat - we'll be able to repair your headlight by using our range of product fabrication skills & machinary. From creating replacement tension sockets for adaptive systems on classic vehicles to moulding and producing custom one off lenses.

  • LHD/RHD Beam Pattern Conversion

    If you're importing in a LHD vehicle into the UK, we can assist with converting your lighting to UK spec ready for the IVA test. Includes LHD to RHD beam pattern conversions, and lighting reconfiguration on the tail lights to include all necessary functions.

  • Headlight DIY Components

    Need some projectors that have in depth specifications, photos, and videos instead of risking it on unbranded generic projectors? Got it! We stock a huge range of components that you'll need if you're building your own headlights.

  • Remote Coding

    If you've purchased a set of custom headlights from us or one of our associated companies within our network, we'll be able to remotely code your vehicle to ensure that everything's working as intended including removing all errors codes.

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