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Fanatical, passionate, specialist

KYCS was founded from offering a simple solution to combat vehicle theft via key cloning. Managed and ran by a single person who had the passion for BMW since childhood. Paired with working within BMW specialists, and being extremely active on all BMW forums, it was a way to give back to the community.

From there we grew; first into importing and selling LED bulbs to both consumers, and to the trade.

The next step was to crack the monopolised grasp on the Headlight LED Conversions market, which only left the community a couple of options to get this done. This was driven from actually getting a quote from a company, and finding the pricing extortionate! Almost halving the price of a conversion and doubling the warranty, really opened the market up finally. Custom headlights were finally becoming mainstream with this change to the market, instead of only being available to the few.

Our continued passion with a number of like minded individuals has only made us bigger, with the chance to offer more and more services at reasonable prices.

We aim to change the market - no more overpricing, and offering the bespoke services which were near enough impossible to find before now!

We cannot thank the community enough for the continued support. Moving forward from here, we hope to grow and diversify, and always give back to the people that got us to where we are now.

- KYCS Team