Build delays caused by supply chain interruptions

Our supply chain has unfortunately been interrupted due to logistic delays that are out of our control. We have been informed that as this is a dynamically changing situation, this information is subject to change without notice. We are constantly monitoring the situation, and if your build is affected we will be in touch to make alternative arrangements. 

Statement excerpt

Further to our communication on the temporary service suspension related to the COVID-19 lockdown requirements in East China, we want to share with you an update on the way forward.

Due to ongoing operational constraints, DHL Express pick-up and delivery services in Shanghai (SHA), Zhejiang Area (HGH) and Jiangsu and Anhui Area (SZV, PVG) will continue to be temporarily suspended until Sunday 10 April.

In addition we are not accepting shipments into these areas until further notice. On Friday 8 April we will provide you with an update to confirm whether we can resume normal operations to/from East China.

Full statement from DHL

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