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Custom Headlights

KYCS Range

Our in house brand angel eyes that are imported from China. We only import this range in from our manufacturer which we have been working with for the past 8 years - they product the highest quality angel eyes available on the market, and they're fantastic value for money. With the styles of angel eyes offered, they're extremely cost effective to get the look you want at a very competitive price!

They come in the following styles:
- Exx (full circle angel eye rings)
- 3/4 Exx (3/4 circle angel eye rings)
- Fxx (flat bottom/horse shoe shape)
- Gxx (3/4 flat bottom/horse shoe shape)

BavGruppe Designs Range

Bavgruppe Designs are known for their high end products, and the same applies for their angel eyes. Designed from the ground up, using only the best electrical components on the market, the finish, style, and look is unparalleled. These angel eyes are unmatched, and nothing else like this is available to purchase from anywhere. As expected, there is a price tag to match this.

They come in the following styles:
- Full circle angel eye rings
- Full DTM angel eye rings
- 3/4 DTM angel eye rings
- Vision system angel eye rings