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BavGruppe Designs Plug & Play Harness

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Product Information

External harness for any KYCS and BavGruppe Design angel eye kit or associated components.

This harness lets you connect your angel eyes or other compatible components directly to a switched power source by plugging it into the vehicle’s fuse box within the engine bay. This is especially useful for newer cars where plugging directly into headlight power can cause CANBUS problems.  

Only for vehicles with a physical fuse box within the engine bay. 

If you require a harness to a power source other than a fuse holder, please get in touch and we'll be able to modify the harness to your specified location (for example, ignition live). 

What This Includes

This includes a single harness which will power both headlights. 

Vehicle/Headlight Fitment

This will fit any BavGruppe Design and KYCS angel eye package purchased through us.

How To Install

  • Connect the black ring loop connector to the ground peg within the engine bay
  • Connect the red ring loop connector to the positive jump point within the engine bay
  • Connect the switched live input to your selected source (fuse box, or other switched live)
  • Test the functionality and listen for the click of the relay 
  • Connect the two H8 connectors to each headlight

Technical Specs

  • Input constant voltage range (12V - 16V, 100% PWM only)
  • Input switched voltage range (12V - 16V, 100% PWM only)

Using the harness outside of the stated voltage ranges will invalidate the warranty on both the harness and the downstream angel eyes, and the harness will not function correctly.

Product Photos

Photographic media within this product listing is to be used for reference only. Items shipped may look different from the listing photos, but functionality will be the same. 

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