KYCS Full Circle White Angel Eyes - BMW

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Product Information

If you want to do your own headlight conversion but need quality, tried and tested products, then this is exactly what you need!

Save yourself time from fabricating your own parts by using our kits to get that professional finish from home 

What This Includes

  • 4x KYCS angel eyes, with the outer angel eyes mounted on our black powder-coated brackets, which directly replace your OEM outer angel eyes. The inner angel eyes already have 3M VHB tape applied to them to be stuck directly onto the old OEM inner angel eye
  • Plug & play harness that plugs straight into the OEM H8 connector within the headlight (coding may be needed depending on your FRM)
  • A full reel of our high-performing butyl sealant
  • 30cm of 3M VHB tape (spare)

Vehicle/Headlight Fitment

  • All E90 E92 E93 M3 with either xenon or adaptive xenon headlights
  • All E92 pre LCIs with either xenon or adaptive xenon headlights
  • All E93 pre LCIs with either xenon or adaptive xenon headlights

How To Install

  • Affix the inner angel eye to the OEM angel eye, and route the wiring through to the back of the headlight 
  • Affix the outer angel eye to the headlight using the OEM screw & screw hole, and route the wiring through to the back of the headlight 
  • Connect the two small connectors to the H8 loom, secure the wiring, and connect to the OEM connector ensuring that red goes to positive and black goes to negative


We recommend coding out any errors that pop up on your dashboard/iDrive screen.

This can be done with any of these applications; 

  • NCS Expert (Windows)
  • ProTool (Android)
  • Bimmercode (Android, iOS, MacOS)
  • Carly (Android, iOS)

If you're not comfortable coding by yourself, please get in touch and we'll be able to code your vehicle either remotely or in person at our commercial premises in Oldbury.

Alternatively, if coding isn't an option, our error cancellers will stop the error messages. This will require additional work when carrying our your DIY to install.

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