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Headlight Water Ingress Inspection

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If your headlight has started heavily misting or condensing and you're unsure where the issue is, this service is for you. 

Within this service, we will; 

  • Pressure test and water test the headlight using our techniques refined since 2012 over thousands of headlights 
  • Isolate where the point(s) of ingress are 
  • Provide you with resolution options

If the headlights' functions have stopped working and it is a BMW, we can provide an end-to-end solution to make them functional again. 

If the headlight is non-BMW, we can only provide a solution to stop water ingress, not to repair its base functionality (if it is non-working). 

Common items of water ingress are; 

  • Broken or failed seal between the clear front lens and the plastic casing 
  • Blown gaskets
  • Failed seals
  • Microcracks in the casing

This service listing is per headlight. If you need to check multiple headlights, please select the correct amount. This diagnostic fee does not include any resolution work.