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BMW Headlight Lens Replacement

Whether you've got into a minor accident, or want to freshen up the front end of your car; our lens replacement service will get the job done. Our 12 point process has been refined throughout the past decade over thousands of headlights.

Pricing From (Depending On Headlight Selected):

Regular price £100.00 GBP
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Prices differ depending on your specific headlight - once you have selected your headlight, the price will update accordingly.

This product listing does not include the lens.

Service Information

We offer a headlight lens replacement service designed to repair your damaged headlight(s) at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an expensive brand-new headlight(s).

If you have an F10/F11 with water ingress, this service is not applicable for your vehicle due to the multiple issues that the F10/F11 headlights inherently have - you'll require our 'Headlight Refurbishment & Repair From Water Damage' service. 

What We Can Repair

  • Headlights with a damaged lens
  • Headlights with a cracked lens
  • Headlights with a missing lens  
  • Lightly damaged casings (nothing bigger than a 50p piece)
  • Missing or cracked mounting points

What We Can't Repair

  • Heavily damaged casings where the damage is bigger than a 50p piece
  • Seam cracks within the casing 
  • Damaged plastics within the headlight like the eyebrow or surround 

The Process

 Within this service, we will:

  • Open up your headlights in an OEM, non-destructive procedure
  • Remove all of the old sealant
  • Lightly chemically clean the headlight internals to remove any minor marking
  • Lay brand-new sealant within the headlight channels
  • Seal the headlight with a brand-new lens (either self-supplied or supplied by us)
  • Pressure test the headlight
  • Water test the headlight

All pricing is for one headlight only and doesn't include the lens or cover any additional services/products below. If you require multiple headlights, please change the quantity purchased to reflect this.

Additional Services

We can additionally (pricing on evaluation of the headlight in person):

  • Heavy decontamination & chemical cleaning within the headlight (starting from £40 per headlight)
  • Remove water marks from any chrome items (starting from £20 per headlight)
  • Supply and fit OEM repair kits for any broken mounting points (starting from £20 per headlight)
  • Plastic weld any light casing damage (starting from £20 per headlight)
  • Paint headlight internals (if your chrome is damaged) to colour match to other headlight internal part colours (starting from £100 per pair of headlights - not available on a single headlight)
  • Headlight removal & refitting (£120 for E chassis vehicles, £140 for F chassis vehicles)

Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is 7 days; however, this will be extended if the 7 days are interrupted by a bank holiday or national holiday or if the scope of work that needs to be undertaken is more than the initial order (for example casing repair, ordering and fitting repair kits, extended chemical cleaning). 

Due to a large amount of headlights coming into us, please check our availability before placing an order as we may not be able to accept your headlights immediately. 


We can additionally:

  • Arrange DHL collection from your selected address (home or garage)
  • Arrange DHL collection & delivery to your selected address (home or garage) 

These additional options can be selected from the option list below.

All transit options are via DHL (fully insured) and are only valid for the UK mainland (excluding highlands & islands).

If you're sending your headlights to us with your own courier, our address can be found here.


If you want us to remove and refit the headlight during the repair service, please get in touch to get our availability as we tend to book a month in advance for our next fitting date. Our fitting days are Saturday, and we'll need your car with us by 10 AM. The collection will be the following Saturday at 4 PM.

What We Do & How We Do It

If you would like to visit us to see what we do & how we do it, please drop us a message via the contact form and we'll arrange an appointment for you.

Important Information

If we are carrying out this lens replacement service on a damaged headlight, the headlight will have zero value - If we cannot repair the headlight due to the damage being too excessive (for example), unable to complete the lens replacement or the headlight sustains further damage whilst within our care due to existing damage, we will not contribute to the purchase of a new or used headlight.

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