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BMW & Mini Coding

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Whether it's your E53 that needs the air suspension coding out, adding features to your F13 6 series, or coding in a replacement/upgraded FRM on your E92, we can do it for you. 

As we've been coding since the early 2010's, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of coding. If we're unsure of anything on your vehicle that's coding related, we're in a unique position to have support from retailers and other BMW coding specialists. So whatever situation your vehicle is in, we can support you!

This service covers all OEM modules and options - due to the unknown way aftermarket modules have been designed and produced, we cannot support anything non-OEM. 


Our coding service is available on Tuesday evenings, from 6 PM to 10 PM, and all day Saturday. 

Booking Your Appointment

If you have a preferred time, please get in touch with us as soon as possible after placing the order, including the time that suits you. If we don't hear from you after placing your order, your appointment will default to the following Saturday at 10 AM. 

Using Used Modules

If we are coding in used modules, you must ensure that the module(s) are the correct hardware and compatible with your vehicle. 

Important Information

Any CAN blockers or modifiers (if fitted) must be removed or disabled before your appointment. Examples are; JB4, Ghost immobilisers, and key duplication blockers. If we cannot read your vehicle due to the installed and active items, you will still be charged in full for your appointment.  

Your OBD port must be easily accessible if it has been relocated.

If you have an FRM installed in your vehicle affected by the common firmware issue and your FRM becomes unresponsive during your session, we will not take any liability for this issue. However, if requested, we will do our best to assist and organise a repair with a third party. 

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