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Dual Colour H11 LED Foglight Bulbs

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You want some new foglights, but not any normal LED foglights. Something that's new and cutting-edge technology. Something fancy. Something that actually has a beam pattern and not just a random dispersal of light. Something with that "ooooh" factor. 

You've found it. 

Introducing our new dual colour foglights - super bright H11 6,000LM LED bulbs that you can switch between white (6,000K) and yellow (3,000K), simply by toggling them off and on again. That's it! No remote fobs, no switches, no faff. 

We've gone the extra mile to ensure that you'll be ecstatic with these bulbs by ensuring that they're the highest quality available. The bulb bases are adjustable if the beam pattern could use some tweaking, and the driver control unit is external to regulate and maximise cooling. With a voltage range of between 12-30V, and a beam pattern angle of 360°, they've got a huge application! On most vehicles, these will be error-free, but in certain cases, they might need coding which we'll do for you free of charge if you're collecting or having your new purchase fitted from our commercial premises in Oldbury! 

Get yourself a deal by taking advantage of our introductory sale of 15% off! 

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