F10/F11 Headlight Refurbishment & Repair From Water Damage

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Is your F10/F11 headlight is suffering from one of the following?

  • Water ingress 
  • Condensation 
  • Excessive misting
  • Angel eyes not working
  • Eyebrow not working
  • Indicators not working

If that's the case, then we've got you covered. 

Water ingress is a very common problem on the F10/F11 adaptive xenon/xenon headlights. It's usually from failure of the factory headlight sealant, or blown gaskets. 

As part of our refurbishment and repair service, we'll carry out the below:

  • Inspect the headlight to ensure that there's no corrosion on the headlight plugs/sockets 
  • Pressure test the headlight to identify that the source of the water ingress 
  • Remove the headlight lens non destructively and remove all of the old sealant 
  • Dry the headlight out to remove all traces of water
  • Apply specific fluids and greases to remove light corrosion internally
  • Supply and fit a new headlight lens
  • Replace all factory liquid gaskets with original uprated gaskets 
  • Replace all factory caps with original replacements 
  • Pressure test the headlight to ensure that there isn't any water ingress going forward

If any of your lights within the headlight aren't working (for example the indicators), this typically points to a faulty water damaged TMS module. We can additionally fit a new TMS that's supplied to us at the same time for no additional cost. 

Typical turnaround time is 7 days for this service, and is based on a single headlight being posted/dropped off to us. All transit options are via DHL (fully insured) 

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