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BMW F10/F11/F07 Headlight Refurbishment & Repair From Water Damage

We'll completely overhaul & rebuild your headlights with our 15 point process that includes new lenses, uprated headlight gaskets, new seals, chemical clean, and more - leaving you with refreshed headlights that exceeds factory specifications and stopping the common water ingress issue for good. New internal & external wiring harnesses available for selected headlight variants & vehicles if required due to extended water damage.

Please read this page to understand what this service does, and what it's limitations are. If you have pre-existing module issues within your headlight, this service will not resolve them. This service does not include, fix, repair or replace any external electrical items such as LED driver failure, module failure, coding, initialisation as this is out of scope of this repair. It's accepted that if you have water ingress in the headlight, there is a strong chance that components will have been exposed to water and caused some sort of damage, whether it's short or long term.

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Service Information

Same-day turnaround is available on certain headlight variants.


Is your F10/F11/F07 headlight suffering from one or more of the following?

  • Water ingress 
  • Heavy condensation & excessive misting on the inside of the headlight 
  • Angel eyes are not working
  • Eyebrow not working
  • Indicators not working
  • Orange 3 LED corner markers not working
  • Headlight lighting system failure/headlight adaptive failure/vertical aim failure on your speedo & iDrive system

If that's the case, we've got you covered - our refurb and repair service will get your headlight back to how it should be without buying new ones.

The Cause

Water ingress is a widespread problem on the F10/F11/F07 adaptive xenon/xenon headlights. It's usually from the factory headlight sealant's failure, seals' degradation, or blown gaskets. 

The Solution

As part of our refurbishment and repair service, we'll carry out the following:

  • Inspect the headlight to ensure that there's no corrosion on the headlight plugs/sockets 
  • Pressure test the headlight to identify the source of the water ingress 
  • Remove the headlight lens non-destructively and remove all of the old sealant 
  • Dry the headlight out to remove all traces of water
  • Apply specific fluids and greases to remove light corrosion internally
  • Supply and fit a new headlight lens
  • Replace all factory liquid gaskets with KYCS uprated gaskets that exceed OEM specifications
  • Replace all factory caps with refurbished KYCS replacements that exceed OEM specifications
  • Pressure test & water test the headlight to ensure that there isn't any water ingress in the future

If you have intermittent error codes on your iDrive for lighting system failure/adaptive system failure or the following exterior lights aren't constantly working (angel eyes, eyebrow, 3 orange corner dots, indicators, eyebrow), this typically points to a faulty water-damaged TMS module. We can additionally fit a new TMS that's supplied to us at the same time for no additional cost. We only supply brand-new genuine TMS modules from the main dealer and don't recommend using aftermarket suppliers or products. This service does not include any exterior components such as the TMS or angel eye drivers. Our repair process is to the bare headlight as outlined above. If your headlight is water damaged, multiple components are more than likely water damaged/corroded and might need replacing - our repair service does not include replacement electric components.

If your TMS socket is corroded or water-damaged, we now have brand new replacement internal harnesses covering the external headlight plug and TMS socket for the following headlights;

  • F10/F11/F07 pre LCI xenon
  • F10/F11/F07 pre LCI adaptive xenon
  • F10/F11 LCI xenon
  • F10/F11 LCI adaptive xenon

If a new harness is required due to the constant water ingress for an extended period of time without any resolution steps being taken, we will notify you when the TMS socket is inspected. Pricing from £80 + VAT for a new harness fitted within this service, depending on the headlight variant. 

Post Purchase

Once you've purchased the service you require, you can either; 

  • Drop your headlight(s) off to us 
  • Post your headlight(s) off to us
  • Drop your car off to us (if selecting additional fitting)

Due to a large amount of headlights coming into us, please check our availability before placing an order as we may not be able to accept your headlights immediately. 

Once we have your headlight(s) in hand, we'll let you know, check them in and start then the following business day. When the headlights are complete, we'll notify you that they're ready for collection/outgoing postage. 

Turnaround Time (With/Without Exchange)

Our turnaround time is 7 days; however, this will be extended if the 7 days are interrupted by a bank holiday or national holiday or if the scope of work that needs to be undertaken is more than the initial order (for example; upgraded projectors, blackout paintwork, or changing out a corroded internal wiring harness). 

For headlights that we hold in stock for exchange, we'll be able to do a same day turnaround for vehicles coming into us with fitting, or next working day turnaround for headlights posted/dropped into us without fitting.

Our exchange process is based on using our inventory headlights in stock that have already been refurbished in advance, and directly swapping with your headlights. This will then take your headlights in, and then refurbish them ready for the next client. Your headlights will be tested upon receipt to confirm what is required to get them functional again using our bench testing facilities, and your invoice will reflect this. Your headlights must be OEM, not modified, and not damaged in order to be eligible for exchange. 

Due to a large amount of headlights coming into us, please check our availability before placing an order as we may not be able to accept your headlights immediately. 

Commonly Water Damaged (External) Components

On the pre-LCI xenon/adaptive xenon headlights, the following items are usually water damaged and may need replacing based on our previous experience:

  • TMS module (high likelihood)
  • Angel eye drivers (low likelihood) 
  • LED indicator units (very low likelihood) 

On the LCI xenon/adaptive xenon headlights, the following items are usually water damaged and may need replacing based on our previous experience:

  • TMS module (high likelihood)
  • Angel eye drivers (high likelihood) 

This is a generalisation, and components may or may not apply in your situation - if you'd like to have a chat to have a better understanding of what would more than likely be applicable in your case, please get in touch and we'll schedule a call with you. 

Affected Vehicles/Headlights

  • F10 pre-LCI xenon 
  • F10 pre-LCI adaptive xenon
  • F10 LCI halogen
  • F10 LCI xenon
  • F10 LCI adaptive xenon
  • F11 pre-LCI xenon 
  • F11 pre-LCI adaptive xenon
  • F11 LCI halogen
  • F11 LCI xenon
  • F11 LCI adaptive xenon
  • F07 pre-LCI xenon 
  • F07 pre-LCI adaptive xenon


We can additionally:

  • Arrange DHL collection from your selected address (home or garage)
  • Arrange DHL collection & delivery to your selected address (home or garage) 

These additional options can be selected from the option list below.

All transit options are via DHL (fully insured) and are only valid for the UK mainland (excluding highlands & islands).

If you're sending your headlights to us with your own courier, our address can be found here.


If you want us to remove and refit the headlight during the repair service, please get in touch to get our availability as we tend to book a month in advance for our next fitting date. Our fitting days are Saturday, and we'll need your car with us by 10 AM. The collection will be the following Saturday at 4 PM. Fitting is not included within the base refurbishment and is an additional cost as shown above.

What We Do & How We Do It

If you would like to visit us to see what we do & how we do it, please drop us a message via the contact form and we'll arrange an appointment for you.

Deposit Option

Deposits are now accepted using the discount code 'F10-RR-DEPOSIT' giving you the option to pay a non-refundable deposit of 25% which will secure your booking/fitting date (whichever is applicable in your case). The remainder will be due once the headlight(s) are completed.  

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