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Remote BMW/Mini Diagnostics & Coding

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Service Information

Our remote diagnostics & coding services allows you to utilise a plethora of industry knowledge and skills without being tied down by your location. Once we have a rundown of what the issue is and what you've tried so far, we'll be able to confirm if we can assist. We'll then accurately identify & pinpoint errors in your vehicle, along with resolving it if the root cause is software based. If it's a hardware issue, we can advise what the next steps are. 

Whether it's your E53 that needs the air suspension coding out, adding features to your F13 6 series, or coding in a replacement/upgraded FRM on your E92, we can do it for you. 

As we've been coding since the early 2010s, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of coding. If we need clarification on something on your vehicle, that's coding related; we're in a unique position to have support from retailers and other BMW coding specialists. So whatever situation your vehicle is in, we can support you!

This service covers all OEM modules and options - due to the unknown way aftermarket modules have been designed and produced, we cannot support anything non-OEM.

Our hardware and software used in this service meet or exceed specifications within BMW Group's main dealers.  


Our diagnostic & coding service is available throughout the week. 

Booking Your Appointment

If you have a preferred time, please get in touch with us as soon as possible after placing the order, including the time that suits you. If we don't hear from you after placing your order, we'll contact you to arrange a time. 

Digital Diagnostic Reports

Digital diagnostic reports will be supplied on request only during your scheduled appointment and are not retrospectively available after your appointment. 

Using Used Modules

If we are coding in used modules, you must ensure that the module(s) are the correct hardware and compatible with your vehicle. 

Important Information

Any CAN blockers or modifiers (if fitted) must be removed or disabled before your appointment. Examples are; JB4, Ghost immobilisers, and key duplication blockers. If we cannot read your vehicle due to the installed and active items, you will still be charged in full for your appointment.  

If you have an FRM installed in your vehicle affected by the common firmware issue and your FRM becomes unresponsive during your session, we will not take any liability for this issue. However, if requested, we will do our best to assist and organise a repair with a third party. 

Remote Coding Prerequisites

Laptop with Windows 10/11
K Line/D-CAN USB cable 
E-NET cable 
Battery stabiliser (not a trickle charger/battery reconditioner)
An idea of the fault that you would like to investigate (for diagnostics)
A list of coding options (for coding)

Laptop minimum specification & required applications

  • Reliable & consistent internet connection (12MBits down/2MBits up)
  • Windows 10 v1903 minimum with an admin user account (the name must not contains any spaces)
  • Two core processor (2.1GHz), or four core processor (1.8GHz), or eight core processor (1.5GHz)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 32GB free space (for when you install E chassis coding software)
  • 128GB free space (for when you install diagnostics software)
  • 256GB free space (for when you install F chassis coding software)
  • 1400x900 display resolution
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Fast Ethernet port (for F chassis coding) or USB 2.0 to ethernet dongle
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.8.x
  • Visual C++ runtime 2015-2019
  • Google Chrome
  • Teamviewer/AnyDesk


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