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Whether you've got into a minor accident, or want to freshen up the front end of your car; our lens replacement service will get the job done. Our 12 point process has been refined throughout the past decade over thousands of headlights.

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Love it or hate it; it's iconic. We're bringing back the old school with the latest and greatest technology and install techniques. 

Our underglow, custom harnessing and installation is custom to each specific vehicle and will give the maximum light output as possible due to the high SMD/m count LED strips that we use, alongside with measuring and custom creating the strips to your exact car length on the front bumper, side sills, and rear bumper. 

After this as a kit to install yourself? Get in touch with us and we'll be able to provide it to you! 

By default all underglow installations have a separate power line controlled by supplied remote fob (off by default). We can additionally move the trigger point to sidelights, or a switch inside the cabin - additional charges apply. Advanced colour chasing underglow standard installation is powered by a Ghozt  controller and will be fully connected to the vehicle trigger (sidelight, independent indicators, party mode controlled by remote fob).

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