Custom Headlights & Their Options - Fully Explained

Since we established in 2012, this niche modification has grown in popularity and gone through numerous groundbreaking technological advances.

We know that's very confusing when starting to look into custom headlights, but we're here to make it easier to understand.

Have a look below to understand what custom headlights are, what they're build up from, and what options there are.

What are custom headlights?

Our custom headlights are OEM headlights that we open up, modify the internals, and seal up again. 

We improve, upgrade, and replace all of the headlight internals, like; 

- Changing out halogen based angel eyes to full LED ring angel eyes for added brightness and other functions like switchback or colour chasing

- Add in cosmetic modifications like demon eyes, or etched projector lenses

- Upgrade xenon projectors to give you that super sharp beam pattern

- Replace halogen high beams with dedicated LED high beam units to give you a huge bump in light ouput

Whether it's going for a cosmetic change, improved light output, custom headlights with air intakes for race/track cars, we can do it all. 

What's the difference between KYCS and BavGruppe Design angel eyes? 

Within our angel eye conversions, we use two brands; 

- KYCS (our in house brand) - get the styling you want at a cost-effective price
- BavGruppe Design - high-end products for high-end vehicles, with a higher price point

Our in house range is sourced from the far East, and we've been using the same manufacturer since 2012. These are the best quality angel eyes available within the location/sector and are extremely cost-effective. They are lower brightness and less seamless light output than the BavGruppe Design products.

The BavGruppe Design products are the highest quality products you can get for custom headlights. They're super bright and have a totally seamless light output due to CAD designed injection moulded covers twinned with gel coated SMD boards. This combination give an unparalleled seamless light output which outshines both OEM and other aftermarket solutions for angel eyes. You can see more of their work on Instagram or website.

What are the angel eye colours options available? 


This is the default option that comes with the custom headlight conversions.


This is when the angel eyes are white during normal operation, and then switch to orange/amber when indicating (in time with the indicators). When the indicators are cancelled, after a brief pause the angel eyes will turn back to white.

Advanced Colour Changing

Any part of any angel eye can be changed to any colour independently from the smartphone app, and comes with preset patterns that you can cycle through. Also known as flowing, or colour chasing angel eyes. 

For additional configuration, you can upgrade from the default advanced colour changing modules to the Ghozt module, which allows you to set certain sections of the angel eyes to functions such as indicators and have custom defined show modes for colours, patterns, and lock/unlock. 

DRL/sidelight additional options - Demon eyes

Low beam additional options - ZKW-R lens

Low beam additional options - G5 projectors