Headlights - Custom Headlights - Individual

When nothing else will do...

...There's individual.

Perfect for when you have a one off design, or a cosmetic and/or functional criteria that must be met for a personal or business purpose.

Some examples of what we can do within our Individual service:

- Custom etching for projector lenses
- Custom paintwork colour & finishes
- CAD designed headlight internals for either replacement or additional functions
- Custom lighting functions from custom harnessing
- 3D scanning, CAD mesh manipulation, and 3D printing for new part design
- Carbon fibre skinning of headlight internals
- Addressable lighting for headlights and/or underglow

How Long Until It's Ready?

We'll have a 1 hour design consultation where we'll go into depth about your design, what your requirements are, and what options we have in order to produce your request.

Why Do I Have To Pay?

The charge is to ensure we can dedicate an uninterrupted hour of our time to you, along with allowing us to provide design sketches and mockups of what you'd like following the consultation.

Are There Any More Charges?

After our initial consultation, all following correspondence isn't chargeable - it's all factored into the quote we'll provide to you, and doesn't tie you into an order until everything is confirmed.

Road Legality

Staying on the right side of the law

Our base custom headlight conversions are all road legal and will pass the MOT.

If you have additionally selected components of the conversion that are for show use only (demon eyes or colour changing/chasing angel eyes for example), they are not for use on the public highway.

You can only display white for DRL, parking lights, side lights, low beam, and high beam to the front of the vehicle.

you can only display amber/orange to the front of the vehicle for the indicators/hazard lights.

All other colours are illegal on the public highway, and for show use only.


Read more about our policies

Due to the custom nature and speciality of these products & services, we do not accept returns but will exchange any defective components as per our guarantee and/or resolve any workmanship issues in line with industry standard resolution guidelines.

We do not offer a refund since each the service is unique and has been done directly inline with supplied specifications from the client. The final cost is a combination or our time spent on the clients request, along with products/stock that have been irreversibly modified for the supplied specification.

All of the above is in line with Government guidelines on custom products. Our supplied products/stock will be demonstrated to ensure that we can show that they are in full working order and not faulty.



1 year guarantee on all products/parts regardless of manufacturer or supplier. Not valid if the products show signs of tampering, mishandling, mis-powering, reverse engineering, disassembly, installation error (if not installed by us), or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.


1 year guarantee on all of services/workmanship. Not valid if the service show signs of tampering, mishandling, mis-powering, reverse engineering, disassembly, or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Headlight fitting/removal

When fitting is opted for, bumper fitment will be as the vehicle arrived (at a minimum) as long as all the bolts, screws, clips and clamps (fixings) are present and correct when the vehicles arrives. If you are missing or have any damaged fixings, the same fitment cannot be guaranteed. Once a vehicle has left our premises, we cannot guarantee the bumper fitment or alignment - any issues must be raised on vehicle handover. Excess fitting/parts charges may be applicable for non factory fit vehicles, specifically on vehicles that have either; been involved in an accident, have had a previous poor bumper fit, have incorrect fixings present or incorrectly/poor fitting of aftermarket parts. We can additionally supply and fit brand new OEM fixings if in stock, or if advised beforehand. Work undertaken & vehicles left on premises at the owners risk. Wheels must be rechecked and retorqued 50 miles after fitting (if they are removed during the fit). Locking wheel nuts must be supplied on the day for the fitting to be carried out. Any snapped wheel bolts due to bolts being previously over-tightened is on the onus of the owner to repair/remove/refit.

Headlight fitting/removal is not covered by the guarantee, and will be additionally payable for any warranty work that is undertaken for any fitting in house.

For any fittings carried out by a third party, no refunds/partial refunds/contributions will be made for any warranty work that we undertake.

Fogging & condensation

We reference OEM workshop material & guidelines for fogging and condensation which is:

Certain weather conditions can lead to fogging on the inside of the headlight lens.This is not necessarily a fault that requires replacement of the headlight.

The images show the difference between mild and severe condensation in the headlamps of various vehicles.

  • A headlamp with substantial condensation can be recognised by the formation of droplets on the inside of the headlamp unit
  • The appearance of moisture immediately following cleaning in a car wash or after the vehicle is driven in heavy rain can point to severe condensation and possibly indicate a headlight that is not effectively sealed. Usually occurs only on one side
  • The condensation phenomenon is promoted by damp, humid air that penetrates into the headlamp from the outside by entering through the ventilation system. This then evaporates in the headlamp while it is still warm, and when the unit cools it then precipitates to form condensed moisture of the inside of the headlamp lens
  • This neither causes corrosion damage to the headlamp, nor does it exercise a negative impact on the intensity of the light that it emits

Top row (A): Light/permissible fogging. Headlight does not have any issue under warranty.
Bottom row (B): Heavy/impermissible fogging. Headlight will be checked & any workmanship issues resolved under warranty.

Illustrated on the F20/F21

Illustrated on the F30/F31

Illustrated on the F33/F34

Illustrated on the F10/F11/F18

Illustrated on the F10/F11/F18 LCI

Illustrated on the F12/F13/F06

Illustrated on the F01

Illustrated on the R5x

1: Light/permissible fogging. Headlight does not have any issue under warranty.
2: Heavy/impermissible fogging. Headlight will be checked & any workmanship issues resolved under warranty.

All workshop material above is used for reference only, and we do not own any images or text unless it explicitly states our ownership

Cosmetic issues

Any cosmetic issues must be raised within 72 hours of receival of the custom headlights. After this time window, any cosmetic issues are not covered by our guarantee.

Taking care of your custom headlights 

Like all other modifications, your custom headlights require car after being fitted to ensure that you get the most from your new purchase.

It's a similar situation to:

- When getting PPF applied to your vehicle - letting the PPF set, and ensuring that your car isn't aggressively washed on the PPF edges
- When getting your car painted - letting the paint cure and offgas, and not use any coarse polishing
- When fitting splitters or lips - avoiding kerb/potholes or anything similar that would cause damage


As your new custom headlights are a custom/bespoke item, they also require you to take care of them to get the most out of them & to ensure that common issues are avoided. This is not an exhaustive list, but it'll give a good indication of what's required:

- Not pressure washing the headlight seals at close range to remove or disturb the replacement sealant when washing your car
- Not applying acidic products, or anything that will interfere with the sealant on the headlight when washing your car
- Not touching/removing/disturbing the sealant on the headlights
- Not applying or directing water into areas of the headlight that aren't designed to be watertight (for example spraying the adjustment mechanisms with soapy water if you're PPFing the headlights)
- Not removing any warranty stickers to ensure that your warranty isn't voided
- When removing/replacing bulbs, ensuring that the bulb/gasket/bulb holder/cap is seated back on correctly to not allow any water ingress into the headlight

Terms & conditions

Certain design configurations may not be possible on your headlights. If this is the case, we will inform you and offer an alternative design.

Your fitting date may be moved due to the following reason(s): Act of God, weather, staff resource issues. If we are unable to fulfil your booking date, you will be given at least 1 weeks notice and rebooked for our first opportunity. We may discount or supply a free upgrade for your headlight specification in return for moving your booking at short notice. We are not liable or responsible for any fees. charges or losses you may experience if your fitting date is moved.  

We own all media taken by team members of the vehicle in for the service(s) completed.

No refunds/partial refunds/contributions will be made for any free services that have not been carried out, or partially carried out (for example coding).

By ordering any of our products and/or services, you understand and accept everything outlined.