Removing EDC From E9x M3

Removing EDC From E9x M3

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When you change your EDC suspension to standard suspension, you'll have errors within the vehicle. 


    Your BMW is expecting to see signals from the EDC module, and associated hardware. When a component is removed, the vehicle will throw up errors. 


    Code your vehicle to expect non-EDC suspension. 

    VO Coding

    • Remove $233 from the vehicle order
    • Write the updated vehicle order to both your CAS and FRM
    • For CCC equipped vehicles: Code CAPPL to factory defaults 
    • For CIC equipped vehicles: Code CIC to factory defaults
    • Code KOMBI to factory defaults

    Coding Values

    • For CCC equipped cars: Within CAPPL: 'EDC' to 'nicht_aktiv'
    • For CIC equipped cars: Within CIC: 'EDC_CIC' to 'nicht_aktiv'
    • KOMBI: 'EDCK_ALIVE_ZAEHLER' to 'nicht_aktiv' and 'EDCK_ID_MONITOR' to ''nicht_aktiv''


    Remove the EDC module, and secure the connector against water ingress. 

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