Collection: Custom Headlights - Prebuilt

Find your custom angel eye headlights that have been prebuilt and are ready to go here! Covering a variety of cars and headlights, based on our most popular orders.

Specifications will differ per prebuild, and are either built up from the best sellers within our additional options, or the base headlight conversion at a discount. 

As we prebuild in bulk, these headlights are amazing value for money as they have all the same aftercare and warranty on our custom headlights (made to order) range. 

This is based on our core exchange program with your fully functional, non-modified, OEM headlights only and is not for a pure sale pair of headlights.

If your headlights do not meet our exchange criteria, check out our Custom (Made To Order) Headlights, and we'll customise and repair your existing headlights!

Not sure what chassis you have? Contact us and we'll confirm which is correct for your vehicle. 

Custom Headlights - Prebuilt