Headlight options on the above vehicle: KYCS (white) angel eyes | Classic blackout | Bi-LED 2.5" projector with LED bulb | Move high beam to low beam bi-LED projector | LED indicators

Custom Headlights (Made To Order)

Thank you for visiting our site! Please read the entire page before booking in to ensure that you understand & accept what we offer, how the custom headlight process works, what you'll receive, and guarantee/warranty conditions. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us; we would rather you're 100% confident of your order rather than unsure and potentially receive something that you're not expecting.

This is a customisation service for modifying your OEM headlights, and does not include new headlights unless specifically selected. The price quoted is for both headlights.

Do I have to send my headlights in?

We have these headlights within our inventory for exchange or prebuilding, so we will be able to build up your custom headlights using our headlights we have within our inventory.

Please refer to the 'Booking & Build Process' page for more information on the options available.

What stock headlights do I need to have for this conversion?

Custom Headlights - Made To Order: F22 F23 Pre LCI (2 Series) & F87 Pre LCI (M2) With Halogen Headlights - KYCS Fxx/BavGruppe Design Full DTM Angel Eyes

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Booking & Build Process

Deposit & Payment

Caring For Your Custom Headlights