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KYCS Butyl Sealant

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If you're sealing your butyl based headlights, this is the stuff you need to get a superb reseal.

You're buying 6 metres x 8mm high performance black butyl that has enhanced adhesive properties, specifically designed for applications that require a high degree of grab bonding & tight sealing (like headlights!)

Want the tech specs to confirm that this is the real deal? We got you!

Shelf life: 12 months stored in ambient conditions
Life expectancy: 15 years
UV resistant, non toxic, solvent free
Effective temperature range: -30°C to +80°C
Dynamic tensile tension: 20N/cm²
Dynamic tensile tension separation rate: 100mm/min @ 20°C
Dynamic shear: 22N/cm²
Dynamic shear separation rate: 200mm/min @ 20°C
Moisture vapour transmission rate (to BS15106-3): 0.010g/m²/24hr/mm at 25°C & 75% room humidity

When applying your new butyl, ensure that all of the old butyl has been removed from the headlight, along with any dirt or debris.

As expected, please take care when applying this - it loves to stick to literally anything. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and store unused butyl appropriately.

Stocked & shipped from our commercial premises in Oldbury, UK.

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