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E63 E64 Pre LCI - Round Angel Eyes (6 Series & M6 Xenon Headlights)

We'll open, clean, customise, paint, rewire, rebuild and seal your headlights to upgrade your current stock OEM headlights to a set of hand built custom headlights, made to your specification.

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Service Information

This headlight modification service requires a set of your headlights to work on. This service does not include the headlights.

Pictures on this page are of conversions we have carried out with various specifications and are to be used only for reference. Your headlights will be built to the specifications you purchase. 

What This Service Consists Of

Within this conversion service, we will do the following; 

  • Open your headlights in a non-destructive way
  • Clean all sealant from the headlight casing, replenish all consumable items within the headlight 
  • Chemically clean the interior and exterior of the headlight 
  • Rewire and rebuild the interior wiring harness
  • Paint your headlight internals to satin black
  • Customise your headlights to your selected specification 
  • Rebuild your headlight with our internal build products, and your selected hardware
  • Seal your headlight with industry standard sealant
  • Bench test and burn test your completed headlight 
  • Water test your completed headlight

What The Build Doesn't Include

Our service does not include any of the following; 

  • Headlights
  • Headlight lenses
  • Headlight ballasts/control units
  • Headlight bulbs

Headlights We Use

As we don't have these headlights in stock for exchange, we'll need a set of headlights supplied to us.

Turnaround Time

We usually book 2-3 months in advance. 

Vehicle & Headlight Compatibility 

  • BMW 6 Series or M6 E63, equipped with pre-LCI xenon headlights
  • BMW 6 Series or M6 E63, equipped with pre-LCI adaptive xenon headlights
  • BMW 6 Series or M6 E64, equipped with pre-LCI xenon headlights
  • BMW 6 Series or M6 E64, equipped with pre-LCI adaptive xenon headlights

Build Process

Every set of our headlights is skillfully & expertly built by hand by our masterful build & design technicians and may include one or more of the following:
  • Our custom-made mounting brackets
  • Methods of securing components
  • 3D printed/in-house fabricated items
  • Control units
  • Wiring looms

These will be installed as close to OEM mass-produced fashion as possible. However, they may contain slight differences from OEM and minor imperfections (within our company-defined tolerances) as assembly line machines do not carry our services.

Please consider the above when purchasing our custom headlights. If you have any questions or are unsure, please contact us! We'd rather you ask 100 questions before purchase to clarify instead of receiving something different from what you expected.

Deposit Option

25% deposit to secure your slot. The remainder will be due when everything is complete and you're happy with your new set of custom headlights. Use discount code 'ch-deposit' on checkout.

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