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BMW E9x M3 & E92/E93 Pre LCI (Adaptive/AFS Xenon) - G5/G5-BRT Projector Retrofit Conversion Brackets

For when you're building your own headlights and need the tried & tested products & tools.

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Product Information

Building your own headlights requires specialist parts which you may not always have on hand - save yourself the time from fabricating your own parts by using our tried and tested brackets to get that professional finish from home

What This Includes

This includes a pair of G5 projector retrofit/conversion brackets, compatible with G5 xenon projectors, G5-BRT projectors, and all bi-LED projectors based on the G5 mounting points

Vehicle/Headlight Fitment

  • All E90/E92/E93 M3 with adaptive xenon headlights only (not compatible with xenon headlights) 
  • All E92 pre-LCIs with adaptive xenon headlights only (not compatible with xenon headlights)
  • All E93 pre-LCIs with adaptive xenon headlights only (not compatible with xenon headlights) 

How To Install

  • Test fit the new G5 projector into the brackets, and ensure that everything lines up and sits as it should do
  • Install the G5 projector onto the new bracket 
  • Install the projector and bracket into the headlight by doing the removal of the old OEM projector and bracket in reverse

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My new projector doesn't line up with the holes in the bracket, why?
This new replacement bracket is designed for G5 and G5-BRT projectors only. If you have purchased another type of projector, this bracket won't be suitable for your projector

My projector doesn't sit flush against the bracket, what do I do?
Depending on the projector, you may need to modify the projector housing or bracket to remove material to get the projector to sit flush. As different manufacturers use different design and production techniques, you may have to modify them to ensure a flush fit. But if you've got this far, it's a piece of cake! 

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