Porsche 911 (991.2 Xenon & Xenon PDLS Headlights)

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You're purchasing a custom headlight conversion service which includes the following:
  • Headlight opening, old sealant removal & internal chemical cleaning
  • Satin black paintwork 
  • New headlight lenses (black border)
  • Headlight sealing
  • 1 year warranty

Please note that this is a headlight modification service which requires a set of your own headlights to work on, and does not include the headlights. 

Suitable for all 991.2 (2014-2019) Carrera. Carrera S. Carrera GTS Targa 4, Targa 4S, Targa GTS, GT2 RS, GT3, GT3 RS, Turbo, Turbo S vehicles with or without PDLS

Important Information

All photos will show the advertised service that we offer, however may have had additional options added onto the build not included within the base price or show existing modifications on clients cars (for example US side markers, or tinted/PPF'd headlight lenses.

Every set of our headlights are skillfully & expertly built by hand by our masterful build & design technicians, and may include one or more of the following; our own custom made mounting brackets, methods of securing components, 3D printed/in-house fabricated items, control units, and wiring looms. These will be installed or carried out to as close as OEM mass produced fashion as possible, however may contain very slight differences from OEM and/or very minor imperfections (within our company defined tolerances) as our services are not carried by assembly line machines.

Please consider the above when purchasing our custom headlights. If you have any questions, or are unsure of anything, please contact us! We'd rather you ask 100 questions prior to purchase to clarify instead of you receiving something different from what you expected.

Vehicle & headlight fitment

This will only fit all 991.2 Carrera. Carrera S. Carrera GTS Targa 4, Targa 4S, Targa GTS, GT2 RS, GT3, GT3 RS, Turbo, Turbo S equipped with xenon or PDLS xenon headlights

Lead & build time

Lead time is usually between 2-3 months, with a turnaround time of 7-14 days depending on specification. Once we have your order, we'll be in touch to confirm completion dates.


Payment for the build can either be 50% down as a deposit by using the discount code 'ch-deposit', or payment in full.

We accept all debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
0% financing is available through Klarna - 3 payments over 3 months.

If you're using our 'Core exchange program' the deposit must be paid through a card, and not via Klarna.

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